Testing..Testing..1..2..1..2, is this thing on?

In the words of Bruce Buffer..”WE ARE LIIIVE”

Greetings all from Cork city in south-west Ireland on a cold-ish February Friday evening.  Let me firstly introduce myself, my name is Adrian & I’m a full-time senior software engineer currently working with a financial organisation.  I have a passion for back-end development with strong focus on Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio, SQL Server & TFS & my go to programming language is C# which I really enjoy coding in.

So after a bit of stewing iv decided to give blogging a go in 2018, i just thought it would be something different to try out & hopefully fun.  Id like to thank John Sonmez & his wonderful blog posts for giving me that bit of extra motivation I needed to give this a go (i recently completed his mini blog course & the graduate badge is proudly sitting on the blog mantle piece @ end of this post), & i wont lie, it does feels a little bit exciting typing up this inaugural post which will be read by only a handful of people me!, but hey…hopefully maybe sometime in the far distant future i might be able to count on both hands the number of readers i have 🙂

The main content theme of my blogs will be covering mostly technical stuff that I come across in my day job, books iv purchased or perhaps articles that i have read via other blogs, or LinkedIn & Twitter posts.   One area in particular, Nuget packages, is something I will do my best to post regularly on.  I tend to stumble across various packages on a daily basis & some can be absolute gems to a project am working on, so i’l share my success with using them to the world & who knows they may help you out too!

OK, ok enough of the cheesy introductions dude I hear you grumble from the other side of the screen,  i hear you dear reader, so with that i’l get to work on my next post which will cover one of my new favorite Nuget packages i discovered recently.

……..until next time!


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